Friday, August 20, 2010

Dreamy Diana Lens Fun

I bought a Diana lens with adapter for dSLRs several months ago and of course forgot about it.  While on an organizing binge, I rediscovered it in our office storage closet, and thought I should try it out again for fun.  Experimenting both indoors and outdoors, I found that it takes very pretty, dreamy, soft focus pictures. 

It's not the easiest lens to play with - I didn't realize when I first bought it that you can only use the manual setting when using this lens, and the only thing you can adjust is the shutter speed to produce unique effects.  That's probably why I lost interest when I first purchased this lens.  Since then, I've taken a beginners photography class and now actually know how to use my camera on manual setting.

0810 037

0810 048

0810 039
0810 041

0810 055

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