Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Details: Semi-DIY skirt to apron project

Okay, so here's what ya'll been waiting for...my instructions for converting a skirt into an apron!

This is my first tutorial, so please bear with me if some instructions are totally obvious. 

Step 1:  find an old skirt, knee length or a couple of inches shorter, to start with.  Mine was a cute retro-inspired one from Red Dress Shoppe that's a bit too pink and floral for my tastes now.

Step 2: Take your skirt and lay frontside down, and cut out the back of the skirt.  I left about 4 inches on each side (sorry no picture of this!).  Set this piece aside, as it'll be used later!

Step 3:  Take about 1/2" on the left and right edge, pin, and iron down.

Step 4:  With a sewing machine, sew the hems on each side of the skirt, then remove the pins.  I just used a basic running (?) stitch with white thread. 

Step 5: Take the piece of fabric you cut from the back of the skirt, and cut two 4" strips from each piece.  Fold in half wrongside out, pin, and iron.  Sew around bottom and side edges, then turn inside out.  These are going to be the apron ties.

Step 6: Pin the apron tie to the inside of the top edge of the apron skirt and sew.  I made two parallel running stitches to make sure that the tie was securely attached to the apron skirt.  Repeat on other side of the apron.

inside of apron

what it looks like from the front (sorry my stitches suck)

That's it!  Now, try on your apron and see how it looks!

What's sad is that as simple as this project was, it still took me several days to finish since I'd only work on it an hour or so every few days.  And as you saw, my sewing skills are pretty depressing.  Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon and start creating Etsy-quality items soon!

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